SONY ERICSSON XPERIA HOW TO CHANGE KEYBOARD LANGUAGE You could look to download an alternative keyboard like swiftkey and see if that works.
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Japanese text on them and the bottom left button turns on some alternative keyboard options and changes my text output to Japanese.
The user manual says that I have to change the settings to auto rotate for the keypad to function in landscape.
I tried to change any settings that related to keyboard and language but still my Keyboard still in chinese.
Sometimes the phone hangs and only taking the battery out will get you back started.
Chinese input but there is nothing about switching on Chinese keyboard in the settings where u turn in on or off.
Well looks like the Xperia x10 supprots a T9 keyboard like a normal mobile phone except Sony ericson has decided to hide it.
What you do is say go to start text message select the input box hold finger down on it and it will say imput method.
When you got to type hold the EN button with the tool on it it will come up with menu.
I just want to know whats wrong and why it matters for 3G to be on seem as its just a text message.
Suddenly my virtual QWERTY keyboard has vanished and has been replaced by some other layout.
Most likely it will be caught in the logs for you to trace back for the correct ID.
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How do I get the default keyboard installed by Sony Ericsson when I got my phone.
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You can manually add and change Internet and network settings in your phone at any time.
To synchronise your phone contacts with a synchronisation account From your Home.
The phone starts sharing its mobile network data connection with the computer over the USB connection.
Enable your installed accessibility applications and adjust related settings Set the .
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Sony Ericsson Xperia neo My Aspen M1 I Dont Have Keyboard Option In The Personal Settings.
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I have Swedish at language and there is no keyboard icon BUT if I download English there is a keyboard icon just for English.
Only possibility right now is to disable all other languages except from German to have the qwertz layout automatically.
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