ACER ASPIRE ONE NETBOOK CMOS BATTERY The best way to keep electronics out of landfills is to keep them working longer.
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Most of these screws are hidden beneath the round rubbers glued to the LCD cover.
BIOS if removing CMOS battery did not work and eventually flashing of the latest BIOS to revive your netbook.
I think I have acquired more knowledge from the internet than I have and probably ever will from a standard institution of learning.
Could not boot it and could not install an OS because the OS Windows XP was hozed and the BIOS had a protective password.
American anymore because we realized its just as much junk as are the foreign brands plus it costs more.
A friend gave me a Pentium III 128 MB RAM and 4 VRAM ultra portable laptop from Y2K era.
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Remember not to tuch anything else or connect any of the cables any where else it may cause a problem for the sys and you.
You have to disassemble your PC and remove CMOS battery for 5 minutes then try to power on without.
Clear the CMOS on an Acer Aspire 5100 series laptop computer in order to reset the password or undo overclocking .
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I know several here had purchased the acer aspire one netbook back around the time when I got mine.
If you own one and have noticed that your battery is not charging it is a problem with the bios on the acer it is not a bad battery.
I had this happen to mine and found a very quick and easy fix has been issued for this problem.
You will need to check to see if yours is an AOA110 or AOA150 mine is the 150 this info is on the bottom of your netbook on a white strip.
This field contains the BIOS version that is currently running on your motherboard.
The BIOS transition went very smoothly and the battery now charges and holds a charge.
You should have at least 2 browsers anyway in case one should fail and you can not gain internet access.
You can use another pc to put an alternate browser download onto a usb thumb drive and move it to the acer.
I do not see on the back of my net book any numbers like you had mentioned AOA110 or the other.
I would suggest you to take quotes from few places because sometimes replacement is cheaper than repair.
I totally agree that acer makes the most cheap quality of products and I would never ever buy their product too.
I would recommend you to buy a Sony Vaio as they are the best in quality and service.
Updating the BIOS will require a USB flash drive to store the BIOS information on during the update.
These instructions are only for the Acer Aspire One AOA110 and the AOA150 netbook series and should not be performed on any other model Acer Aspire One.
I just am really reluctant to update a bios if something else is wrong for fear it just makes it worse.
Updating BIOS always has risk associated with it and so always do it in the last.
I undestand how it wold have been corrected by removing adn replacing the battery.

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