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October 25th, 2014

HTC ONE X WIFI The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.
Another problem encountered by users is not waking up when pressing the Power button.
Other users experienced freezes when the phone was used for a long period of time.
It seems that the manufacturers forget to make a strong connection between the mainboard and the Wiffi antenna.
My new One X went to the so called authorised experts and came back with the same problem.
If there is no fix available please let me know a simple procedure to go back to ICS.
I am facing problem using wifi service at home and every where I use wifi connection .
The prime works at home now but still has issues on even open networks elsewhere .
WiFi access is far more important to me than the taste of a Jellybean over Icecream.
Finally I changed my DLink router to save the data cost because unfortunately here in UAE data packages are very costly.
I will still face the problem when I will visit the places where they have old router.
Draytek support they will most likely send it to you one you describe the problem.
My HTC One X upgraded to Jelly Bean and started causing problems with my home wifi.
Interesting that the chap above has said he is having problems with BT Infinity WIFI.
Normally they are caused by installed applications and settings interfering with the final part of the update when the phone reboots.
The phone needs to be restarted without these applications to allow the update to complete correctly.
A lot of other people in the Draytek forums have been having the same problem with the One X but the new firmware has fixed the problem for them also.
The problem is from HTC because i have a Nexus 10 also and i have no problem with it.
So HTC needs to take a look is their coding because i am thinking to jump ship to Samsung.
I partly blame Android because I think they have a duty to act or at least listen to people when one of their core functions is affected.
I emailed Draytek support and I got a reply and new router firmware within an hour which fixed the problem.
It seems setting a fixed IP in the WiFi connection details for the offending router solves the problem.
Best thing to do is get an app like Fing to survey what you have on your network.
It completely fixed a nightmare scenario on my Draytek Vigor 2850 where it kept rebooting at random.
The thing is that htc in collaboration with the mobile carriers removed the mac address from htc phones in order to charge more from the customers.
I know the problem lies with the HTC device as none of my other android devices exhibit this problem.
Those people are too busy being nerds and making money to bother about customers and their inconsequential problems.
I tried various things they told me to including clearing the cache via the factory menu which did not work.
They flashed the phone twice and checked it all over in the 2 times I sent it back and it did not work so I gave up with them.
They usually only look for problems with the ADSL side and not the ATM layer which is where these problems usually reside.
Someone from Openreach is coming tomorrow to try and identify where the problem is.
I can only conclude the update caused all three HTX One X phones to stop connecting.
What fixed it afterwards was acually unplugging the router from the power source for a few moments.
I must first set to auto to connect then reset to 5 to maintain an uninterrupted signal.

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